OPM's Policy

We understand the importance of protecting the privacy of customer information and we try to be transparent about how we collect, use it.

What do need your permission?
    - Camera: We need to use the device's camera
    - Call log: We need to read the log of outgoing calls, incoming device
    - Call status: We need to get status information for your call
    - Get account information: We need to get the basic information of your account such as email, contacts, friends

- How to use this permisstion?

    - We will use the camera to take a picture every time you need to change a new avatar
    - We read call log and text messages to communicate statistical frequency of you
    - We get calls to state for the screen lock feature, you will not get missed calls when using this feature
    - We take your information and email your contacts to the address identifier

How do we secure your personal information?

    We do not give any of your information to a third party other